Question by  ModernMode (28)

Why do people get their tongue pierced?


Answer by  Slippy (18)

People get their tongue pierced to make an image statement. It suggests that the person is brassy, daring, and cool. It might be a way to establish status in a social group or a way to show dedication to a subversion of conservative mores. There's an oral sex connotation.


Answer by  pigalenababe1968 (30)

Piercings are one of the many ways to express yourself. An increasing number have opted to have their tongues pierced. This piercing, while offering the ability to express themselves, is easily hidden from the "business world" there by offering the wearer the best of both worlds.


Answer by  drJ (841)

People often pierce their tongue for aesthetic reasons - they think it looks cool or their friends have done it. Others believe it makes them perform sexual acts better.


Answer by  Anonymous

for aesthetic reasons really and i also did it in order to lose a bit of weight.. it kinda worked :)


Answer by  jeffjonesrock (42)

Most likely because they are looking to make a fashion statement or they like the way it looks on other people.

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