Question by  Sada464 (15)

What is a sure way to convince my parents to let me get my tongue pierced?

I really really want my tongue pierced but I know my parents will be against it.


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

When you turn 18 in most states they cant say anyhting about it. Try to reason with your parents, barter with them using your grades its always a good way to get what you want. You can also try to convince them by to doing a little extra house work.


Answer by  Melissa76 (282)

I have my tongue pierced, I would simply explain it is a way of expressing yourself and unlike a tattoo if you take this out down the road you will never know it was even there, since a tongue heals so fast. If you do get this done, take care of it, they can get infected easy.

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