Question by  chilli (126)

How bad is the tongue piercing pain?

I want to get me tongue pierced but am scared of the pain.


Answer by  jenae567 (35)

Each person has their own threshold of pain. Some individuals have found tongue piercing to be extremely painful, while others found it to be no more of a minor annoyance. Having the mindset that it will NOT be painful often helps. Focusing on pain will only make it worse.


Answer by  jksue76 (23)

Its very painful, almost like having some part of the tongue being cut out. There will be some mild bleeding, but the most difficult part is the swelling, numbness and pain that follows. You won't be able to talk nor eat much for the next few days after the piercing due to the pain too. Good luck.


Answer by  NotQuitePhD (113)

In my experience, tongue piercing was not painful compared to cartilage and nostril. Many people find the clamp to be the uncomfortable part, although the needle stings a little.


Answer by  obbey (98)

Some people experience alot of pain, others not very much at all. It's a bit like child birth, really... Some people even enjoy the pain that comes from a tongue piercing! (although those kinds of people are probably pierced quite a bit...) A friend of mine recently got his done and he said it hurt... but it was bearable.


Answer by  Kris28 (5)

The pain experienced from piercing the tongue may vary from individual to individual. Speaking from personal experience, my tongue piercing did not hurt at all.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

The pain ranges with different people depending on their pain threshold. I personally thought getting mine pierced was the most painful out of all of my piercings but I know other people who said it wasn't that painful for them. Just make sure you get it done with clean equipment.

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