Question by  Hannah (32)

Why do my ficus trees have small black bugs on the leaves?

Will they kill my trees?


Answer by  catlyke (30)

Whether or not the tree will be killed depends on the type of bug that you have, but it's best to go ahead and get rid of them. You can do this with insecticidal soap that you can buy at most garden centers or nurseries.


Answer by  brandy (52)

They are most likely aphids or mites. Both are problems on ficus, though not deadly. Both insecticidal soap and dormant oil will treat them. They should be treated outdoors.


Answer by  bdvance (32)

Black bugs are on your ficus due to a non sterile harvest or transport. They will kill your tree if they multiply. Treat the ficus with an insecticidal soap. Repot in the next size container. When you do, wash the roots off with lukewarm or room temperature water. Use a good commercial potting soil.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

This depends on the type of bugs. If they are very small flying insect then they are Fungus Gnats and are more of a annoyance than anything. If they are a type of black Aphid or Scale then, yes. They can eventually become a large enough infestation to cause a problem and should be treated with a insecticide.


Answer by  Mark94 (127)

Those bugs are feeding on the leaves. If they kill your trees it will probably be by introducing a disease to them, not just from feeding. Consider using pesticides.

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