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Question by  Mak (23)

Why do male hamsters have that odor?

What can I do about it?


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

The odor is created in nature to attract the female. This is seen almost in all male animals. So you can't do anything about it. Why should we change something created by nature? Allow the animal to live in coherent with the nature.


Answer by  worker50 (46)

Hamster both male and female have scent gland located around their necks. When exited or aroused they will lick the area until it is wet. Thus producing an even greater scent. This is normal as is the scent that they produce in a relaxed state.


Answer by  SarahJane (114)

Male rodents, which hampsters are, release pheremone in their urine to a smellier extent than do female rodents. The best way to curb the odor is to change the bedding daily. Ferret shampoo can be used rarely in very stink situations, but use very little water, they hate it!


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Many gerbils, including hamsters, emit a natural odor. It's basically the same reasons humans smell, sweat and hormones play a part. Keeping the cage cleaned daily and the hamster clean will help to prevent bad odors, but you may find that he always kind of has his 'own' scent.

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