Question by  janka (36)

Why do I keep having problems with long download times?

I have Broadband DSL.


Answer by  kdev1203 (52)

If you are on wireless, that will make your download time longer. If there are many people sharing the network at a time, that will also slow your downloading down. And, of course, if you are downloading something very large (movies/videos) they will take a while. Lastly, programs like LimeWire really slow you down since they both upload and download.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The connection itself might be the problem. Run a few speed tests to ensure that it is working like it should. There may be a lot of traffic on it.


Answer by  Doolan (19)

This may be due to multiple reasons: - Memory, hard disk space and condition of your computer - Spyware and other 'nasties' interfering with internet performance - The type of internet connection you have - Condition of websites you are trying to visit


Answer by  vff (46)

Your download rate depends on the rate the other end can handle. Therefore, if you can handle 5mb download a second, and the other end only 28,000 bits a second, your download will only be 28,000 bits a second. The hub down stream from your hub can also be having problems causing the long download time.


Answer by  tedkendall (70)

Internet connection speed is only one of many variables contributing to the end user's experience on the web. Other factors include computer processing speeds, bandwidth allocated to IP address ranges, server and operation timeouts on hosting machines, and traffic volumes - if millions of requests are sent to the same machine on the web, delays are inevitable.

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