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Question by  UniqTwin (12)

Why do I hear crackling noises in my walls?


Answer by  ljubica (14)

In old wooden houses the wood used in building may cause some noise. Changes in air humidity is the main cause. You also may have rodents or mice living in there.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Noisy walls can be several things. One, do you have plastic siding outside? It could be loose and rubbing against itself. Two, if it has been below zero out wooden walls will creak under the strain. Three, rodents. Any number of critters live in walls and could be walking by.


Answer by  giselleflores (112)

It could be your pipes or you could have an infestation. Trust me those critters are tricky! Also it can have something to do with the make of your wall.

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