Question by  thomas (35)

Is the crackling noise in my ceiling bugs?

I think it sounds like bugs.


Answer by  Nate24 (51)

The crackling noise could be bugs. It could also be larger pests such as mice or rats. The noise could also arise from expansion of your room due to temperature changes.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

Some possibilities are squirrels, rats, racoons, bats, carpenter ants, wasps or hornets but it could as easily be 'none of the above'. Additional investigation and research will be required to narrow it down further.


Answer by  rockabetty (17)

Not necessarily. The cracking noise that is found in houses and apartments, or wherever someone may live, is generally the structure settling. A very common thing for newer homes of any type as all things tend to move when they have been there for short to long periods of time. Not likely it is bugs.


Answer by  T1 (36)

My house has the same noises. I believe those are bugs eating away the interior walls. Once there were mouses in the walls too.


Answer by  Anonymous

that is wasps nest!


Answer by  Anonymous

could be a waps nest

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