Question by  nila (143)

Why do I have to turn on my dial up connection every time I connect?

I always have to turn on my dial up connection.


Answer by  Dan19 (8)

Unlike broadband and other higher tier internet connections, dial up uses your telephone line to connect. In theory, you could always be connected with dial up, but it would not be very practical as you would be unable to get any incoming or place any outgoing phone calls. Dial up is also not stable enough to be constantly connected.


Answer by  steve73 (52)

Since you are sharing your internet connection with your voice telephone service, you wouldn't want your computer to automatically connect and drop your phone calls.


Answer by  ady (94)

This is like a rule. Anytime you want to connect you have to turn on your dial up connection. And as i know there is no way to do otherwise.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Yeah it happens always. The same procedure is also used in broadband which uses routers. There is no other way to keep the connection always to be in on state. it also keeps it efficient whenever u restart the connection. Better don't try any risky way which may affect your network.

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