Question by  gambrinus (34)

Why do I have calf muscle pain?


Answer by  em (201)

You may have calf pain beucase you have over-exercised that muscle. If you have recently worked out, or worked out that specific muscle area, rest for a day, stretch the muscles daily and exercise it 3-5 times a week.


Answer by  TeresaL (150)

Calf muscle pain can sometimes be caused from not drinking enough water everyday. Also if you are tking cholesterol lowering medication it could be a side effect of the medication and you would need to see your doctor becuase this side effect can be serious if not taken care of.


Answer by  lalaland (238)

You're probably experiencing a charlie horse, which is a very bad cramp. A lack of potassium and/or calcium can cause this, and a daily vitamin can help.


Answer by  trinkle (60)

Calf muscle pain can be cramping due to vitamin deficiency - calcium or potassium or very commn It could also be gastroc shortening due to wearing heels.

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