Question by  susanfree (22)

Why do I have a blue tint in the whites of my eyes?


Answer by  Tabby (36)

The white of the eye, called sclera, is normally between 0. 3mm to 1mm thick. If it is thinner, for example in children, the underlying layer called choroid, which has a blue tint, can shine through, making the white sclera appear to be slightly blue as well.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The blue tint in the sclera *whites of the eyes" is pretty normal. Now if you see tiny blue lines this could be a problem, it could be a sign of cyanosis or low blood oxygen. The only other thing that causes blue tint is a the side effects of certain medications.


Answer by  Tim55 (618)

It is very common to have a blue or purple tint in the white parts of your eyes. These are simply blood vessels under the membrane. It is nothing to be worried about and is completely natural.

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Answer by  debra207 (207)

If the tint is only a slightly icy blue, nothing is wrong. As a matter of fact, it appear blue in contrast to a brown or hazel iris. Perhaps a vein is close to the surface. The real concern would be to notice any yellowing of that area.

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