Question by  GG (20)

Why can I hear my heart beating in my ears?


Answer by  chefmark01 (81)

Hearing the pulse in the ear can possibly indicate several different conditions. These conditions include an infection of the middle ear, a dysfunctional Eustachian-tube, fluid in the middle ear, an artery pulsating against the auditory nerve, vascular tumors near the auditory nerve, or a number of other causes.


Answer by  Lisa45 (144)

Be carefull. Whenever this happens to me I wind up passed out on the floor. I was told it is a sign of your body going into shock and to sit down right away and get help. (Yes I have a helth issue that causes this for me)


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Your heart pumps blood throughout your body, you have a main artry that runs up your neck,the carotid artery, hearing it when it quite just means that you have good circulation.


Answer by  soccer593 (476)

Sometimes you may hear the sound of your own heartbeat in your ear because of changes due to muscle movements, blood flow, or changes in the ear canal. It's called pulsatile tinnitus. Some people are more sensitive than others. It is usually caused by a blood vessel that is coupled by fluid in your ear drum.

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