Question by  sat (30)

Why are women so shallow?

I do not understand women.


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

cause they are married to shallow guys. i am male my wife is smarter than me but i let her know it. i think its important to let your spouswe or significant other how smart and how much thier input means to you. women are no shallower than us


Answer by  cdk (42)

Women, like men, are individuals. Some are indeed shallow, while others are thoughtful and inquiring. Shallow people, both men and women, focus on the superficial because delving beyond the surface of any subject or person requires work and thought and risk. Most women are not shallow, though most people could be deeper.


Answer by  JustAGirl (25)

Women are not typically shallow. If you are speaking in terms of money, they have a need to feel secure in their futures and having money will provide them that security.


Answer by  Anonymous

in plain english, they are filthy low life pigs and always will be.


Answer by  Anonymous

this is the real reason, why good straight men like me have a very hard time meeting decent women now.

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