Question by  hydr (13)

How much bleach should you add to water from a shallow well?

I will be traveling to our family cabin which is not used all the time soon, our well is very shallow and needs to be treated prior to use.


Answer by  flori (239)

It is used a 1 and ½ cups for 2 gallons of water. But here you cannot measure the amount of water; a solution could be to approximate the quantity of it. Or put the water that is to be cleaned into a bucket and then add the bleach according to bucket's volume.


Answer by  worker4355 (99)

Four drops of bleach should be added to every gallon of water to disinfect it and make it drinkable. Make sure it is regular household bleach and make sure you are using a clean and sanitary container. You should let the water stand for at least an hour before you drink any of it.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

If you are planning on drinking from the well, I would not add bleach. There are special drops you can add to make water drinkable.

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