Question by  friend (20)

Why are the women in so many advertisements unrealistic?

They do not look like normal women.


Answer by  pplsi01 (6)

Women in advertisements look the way they do because of the perception of our society. It is all about fantasy. The industry demands their women to look the way the male population expect them to look so that they will match the fantasy in their minds. Their look isn't reality... it is fantasy... but the fantasy sells products!


Answer by  winifred999 (9)

Well, advertising is all about aspiration. So the women features in the advertisements are unreal and they featured as how real women aspire to be....and in reality....none are.


Answer by  sylorge (49)

they have to be different so people would be thinking that the product you advertise are different from other product. And also they have different advertising techniques so that people will have to think if it the product is really unrealistic or not. Normal women denotes normal effects on the advertising products. Unique effects denotes unique and great effects.

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