Question by  Pacman (23)

How do you create a realistic, practical budget that will really work so that you'll stick to it?

I've made up three now and they weren't realistic. What am I doing wrong?


Answer by  linsm (898)

List "must pay" expenses such as rent, utilities, gas or bus fare. Set a little of the remaining money aside for lost pay. Use the rest for food, then yourself.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Write it down,and be realistic. Be specific. Don't just say: "I want to save money". Say: "I will save $10 week by taking my lunch to work everyday".


Answer by  rlb3 (86)

Make a list of all your income and expenditure. Balance the figures so that you can afford all your expenses each month. Finally, list your expenses with your monthly budget.


Answer by  Ralynda (13)

Creating a budget is a very tedious process, but an important one. The one mistake that most people make when they create a budget is that they do not budget for fun stuff like renting movies or eating out. It's important to budget for the fun stuff also so that you do not feel constricted.

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