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Question by  Bob43 (11)

Why are the leaves on my house plant turning yellow?


Answer by  CharlotteB (54)

House plants are sensitive to light, moisture, and humidity. Your plant might be thirsty, or you could be over watering it. Talk with someone at a nursery if you can. It's important to water the proper amount, and to find a location with the right light for your plant. Also, try misting your plant if the air is dry.


Answer by  Hunter (36)

A few things might be happening. First, you might not be watering it enough. Second you may be watering it too much. Third, mildew may be forming within the roots of the plant. Any one of these things might be contributing to the problem.


Answer by  sharpe72 (214)

Yellow leaves on houseplants are usually caused by over watering. Also it can be caused by lack of light, cold drafts, nutrient deficiency, or a viral infection (the leaves are blotchy yellow). One last cause is due to age, it is common in dieffenbachia.


Answer by  case (1261)

If the leaves are turning yellow on your house plant it sounds like you plant maybe dieing. I would prune the yellow leaves off. Make sure the plant is getting plenty of sun light and water. If you are watering and giving it sun light go buy some plant food to help it recover.


Answer by  seenfrankgmailcom (23)

Leaves of house plants turn yellow due to a number of conditions.It may be possible that it not get the proper sunlight or sufficient water is not provided to it.


Answer by  playmynrd (225)

House plants can become yellow from a lack of proper sunshine, insects, too much or too little water, low temperatures, or a lack of nitrogen or other nutrients like iron.


Answer by  CHIRAGSHAH (116)

Light,water,soil plays important role in growth of indoor plants. Excess watering & direct sunlight can turn leaves to yellow & fall down. Extra care can prevent damages.


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

You may be over watering them, and/or they may need to be re-potted. If the soil becomes depleted of nutrients it can cause your plants to yellow; however, the most likely culprit is over watering.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

The yellowing could be a natural process due to the age of your plant. They may naturally yellow and fall off as they get old. Make sure your plant is getting the proper amount of water and sunlight.


Answer by  lllll (37)

In my house plants leaves are turning yellow because of sufficient sun rise is not taken place,required pesticide are not taken.

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