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Question by  acts (65)

Why are Sedu hairstyles are so popular?

When did this trend get started?


Answer by  sree98 (6)

Sedu hairstyles are so simple to achieve that you can do them your self without the need to go to a salon and spend hundreds of dollars. First the hair is blow dried, the straighter the better. Sedu has become popular among people and also lets you choose from curly at bottom or full straight style with added sleekness.


Answer by  TrulyHonest (123)

Sedu hairstyles are popular now because it works for every type of hair. Long, short, and curly are hair types that can benefit from Sedu. Sedu's ceramic plates on the straightner offer everyone a sleek hairstyle that looks professional.


Answer by  willbfy8 (21)

They are increasingly popular as a result of their use by the rich and famous such as Jennifer Anniston.Sedu flat irons create sleak lines which people want to see.


Answer by  Flavia (102)

Sedu hair styles are very popular with celebrities, which is what made it so popular, but the results and variety of the hair styles is what makes it such a great option and worth it!


Answer by  ps2 (103)

Sedu hairstyles are named that because of the flat iron tools used to create the smooth and silky and very composed look of the hair. This trend was started with the advent of the tools.

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