Question by  Zeeta50 (20)

What are the most popular bush songs?

I would like a complete listing of the band Bush songs that are popular.


Answer by  wanderer (23)

Bush's most popular songs are Everything Zen, Machinehead, Glycerine, The Chemicals Between us, Little things, Swallowed, Greedy fly, Comedown, Inflatable and Headful of Ghosts.


Answer by  shadowkhas (25)

The most popular Bush songs would be their singles, which include "Comedown," "Glycerine," "Swallowed," and "The Chemicals Between Us," which all reached #1 on Alternative music charts.


Answer by  Zampano (164)

Bush released a greatest hits album in 2005 called The Best Of:1994-1999. Based on that their popular songs include Machinehead, Glycerine, Everything Zen, Comedown, Swallowed, Greedy Fly,Warm Machine, The Chemicals Between Us, Little Things and Letting the Cables Sleep. The most popular single from their 2001 album is "The People We Love. "


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

Alein, superman, the people that we love, solutions, reasons, float, hurricane, land of the living, fugitive, my engine is with you, out of this world, headful of ghosts, to die alone, recognize, glycrine, machinehead, comedown, everything zen, swallowed, little things, the chemicals between us, bomb, testosterone, swim, body, monkey, mouth.

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