Question by  MonaShrimp (11)

What are some popular baby names?

I am expecting and want to use a popular name.


Answer by  MrsSmith (31)

Traditional names seem to be making a popular comeback. Names like "Emma" "Isabella" "Emily" "Elizabeth" "Ava" are all being widely used now. Also popular but not so traditional are names like "Ava" "Madison" "Lily" and "Natalie".


Answer by  IreneBallengee (112)

If you are having a boy these are popular right now: Aiden, Jacob, Ethan, Edward, Caden and Lucas. Popular names for girls are: Isabella, Emma, Sophia, Riley and Lily.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

For a girl Emma seems to be a very popular name. For a boy John seems to be very popular.


Answer by  Sauve (435)

Tiffany, Sean, Ebony, Nancy, Becky, Justin, Alice, Andrea, Kim, Ashley, William, Dereck, Joyce, Terence, Robert, John, Britany, Casandra, Tony, Leslie.

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