Question by  MaineCoonMom (38)

Why are ladybugs called ladybugs?


Answer by  EddyNfld (147)

Despite being called Ladybugs, not all are actually female. Ladybugs received their name about 500years ago in europe when grape farmers prayed for a something to kill the bugs in the vineyards. When these little bugs showed up they believed their prayers were answered thus calling them lady bugs due to the belief the virgin mary helped them.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Ladybugs are believed to be loyal and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which is where they got there name as the Lady's Beetle


Answer by  maggiem (133)

People used to think that ladybugs were sent from heaven because they are so useful. They were originally called "bug of our lady". It was later shortened to ladybug.

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