Question by  ducan (30)

What are the little red bugs that are around my evergreens?

I live in Minnesota, and they look like ladybugs but they're not.


Answer by  RisingSunny (55)

Welllllll my guesses are wheel bugs, milkweed bugs or leaf-footed bugs. The other idea I had is that you could always have a new species of bug which happens more frequently than most people realize. You could call an entomology department at your local college and check with them there.

Reply by ClaudiaD (136):
A library research section will have some good books on entomology with good descriptive pictures.  add a comment

Answer by  DixieDaisy (112)

Eastern Boxelder bugs have immatures that closely resemble the little red bugs that are currently around your evergreen. You could double check in a book to see if that is the case and, if it is, find a treatment to get rid of them if they are harmful to tree.


Answer by  HemmedIn3 (30)

It sounds like you are describing Nymphs which are the babies or juveniles of a bug. I could take some guesses but without a pic I don't think I would know which family of bug these particular nymphs come from.

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