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Question by  SaiPriya (26)

Why are French doors called French doors?


Answer by  errika69 (167)

A french door is also called a french window. French doors are called "French Doors" because they're not good at keeping intruders out. They can just break the glass and bust in. They also have that name because they're beautiful and decorative.


Answer by  markendsley (58)

Because of the French design that allows for more openness in the door itself. The door itself has large windows in order to create a feeling of openness that originated in France.


Answer by  Marika (20)

French doors originated in France around the 17th century as a new architectural way of allowing more light to enter the home. The original French door was made of small glass paneling and usually had ceiling to floor length.


Answer by  Roland (65)

The origin of French doors dates back to France when sunlight was a premium. In the Renaissance period, the French doors allowed light to pass from room to room. English and American designers then began introducing these doors into their designs.


Answer by  clmonte (18)

French doors first appeared in the 17th century as a french design called casement doors because they began as window casements reached the floor. When used as interior doors the multiple windows allowed natural light to go from room to room in the years before electricity.

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