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Question by  avanthika (23)

Are expired birth control pills effective?

All I have left right now are pills that are expired, and I don't know if taking those will do any good.


Answer by  codyligon (107)

Birth control pills that are past their expiration date will still be effective at preventing pregnancy, but the chance of becoming pregnant will increase as the pills become older. It would be better to throw those pills out and obtain a new birth control pack or abstain from sexual intercourse if this is not an option.


Answer by  pious57 (112)

Though you are left withonly expired pills, you should not take them because 1. They will not have the desired effect and so may end up in pregnancy 2. May have some side effects because they are already expired. 3. The manufacturer's warranty will notbe valid on expired pills.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

You could take them as a back up precautionary, but any medication that is expired will probably not have the desired results, so in the mean time you should definitely be using a back up form of birth control, until you can get on a steady regiment.


Answer by  Juneh (104)

As the birth control pills are passed their expiry date it cannot be medically ensured that they still contain effective inredients. Although there is a slight chance they may be ok to use, I would encourage you to seek new contraceptive pills in order to ensure efficacy and peace of mind.


Answer by  laniea (1)

i have birthcontrol pills that the dr gave inadvance and on the boxt the expired date is dated 03 12 of 4014 im does that meant they are expired already?

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