Question by  worker5797 (12)

Should I feed my baby Nestle Good Start formula?

My infant has had issues digesting formula and seems to have a sensitive stomach.


Answer by  brandi10 (816)

Nestle Good Start is known to be one of the more gentler brands of formula available. They have a product line specifically formulated for sensitive tummies called Gentle. It is made with partially digested proteins which helps the tummies work less to break down.


Answer by  hmmm (290)

When my daughter was little she had a very sensitive stomach and trouble digesting food, i tried formula after formula. They were all pretty similar but nestle good start was my favorite, she seemed to do better on that than anything else so i would try good start first, it really depends on the baby though.


Answer by  ljb (159)

I'm not sure about Nestle Good Start but I've heard Similac Alimentum in the purple container is good for babies with a sensitive stomach.


Answer by  NSL (81)

Nestle makes some solid baby formula and they have some senesitve formulas as well. Nestle has many options and they have some gentle formulas that should be easy on the stomach.


Answer by  kimlouise1976 (40)

There is something in the good start that when it came out a lot of babies were having allergic reactions to... I would stick with a different brand one that has been around longer.... The children at my childcare where almost all taken of of the nestle.


Answer by  Jayne84 (27)

I gave my baby good start formula. The difference between Goodstart and the other formula brands is that goodstart will cause the baby to spit up and the others will cause constipation which then requires that you give the baby prune juice. It depends on what kind of digestive problems you are having.


Answer by  Lena (15)

Nestle Good Start formula is for the sensitive stomach of infants. It helps build their immune system quicker than other formulas. You will find that iron is the main source for an infant. It will help build their strong bones and teeth as they grow. Vitamins that are found in Nestle Good Start formula are A, D, E, and C.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If your baby has digestion issues and a sensitive stomach make sure the type of formula is meant for that problem. However, it's up to you which brand of formula that you'd like to feed your baby. If your unsure ask your baby's pediatrician.

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