Question by  Lucy (40)

Why am I bleeding after bowel movements?


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Light or heavy? Light bleeding may indicate rough toilet paper. Heavy bleeding can be more serious. Is there blood in your stool? If so, go to a doctor immediately. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of internal damage which can easily get infected. It should be professionally examined as soon as possible.


Answer by  P32nicky (73)

There could be several reasons. Such as rectal polyps, fissures, or some sort of tear, orsome form of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), or even Crohns disease. You need to see a Gastroenterologist, and explain your issues. You may need to have a Colonoscopy, so they can see whats going on.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

There could be several reasons for this. You may be straining too hard when having a bowel movement, which can cause rectal fissures(tears). It could be due to hemorrhoids. Another possibility is one of various forms of cancer. It's best to get things like this checked at your physicians office just to be sure.


Answer by  nick37 (31)

You may have some type of intestinal worm, possibly a tape worm. These worms feed off the food entering your intestines and can cause internal damage to the digestive system

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