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Question by  renast (34)

What does it mean to have a light gray bowel movement?

When changing my childs diaper I noticed that their bowel movement was a light gray, almost chalky color in nature.


Answer by  alicekay (54)

It can be described as the movement of waste matter from the large intestines.This means your child is experiencing malabsorption problems.The food he is taking is not fully absorped especially fats resulting in the light gray colour of the stool. Probably, the output of the bile is also low thus the light gray colour of stool.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Usually what will cause that is whatever they ate but if you are truly concerned about it take the baby to the doctor and let them see it and they will be ab;e to tell you what the problem is right away. Usually it isn't anything serious unless there are other symptoms happening with it.


Answer by  mcdbeals (201)

Having a light gray bowel movement could indicate a lack of minerals in the diet or perhaps too little fiber.


Answer by  mikan0105 (17)

Either your child have ingested medication such as aluminum hydroxide (antacids) and barium sulfate (barium enema)or your child has liver and/or bile duct problem, both can cause stools to become light gray or white.

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