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Question by  elephant33 (19)

Why accounts for BMW intermittent door lock failure?

My BMW locks often fail to lock.


Answer by  JB19 (167)

Your door lock actuators may need to be replaced. As they age they lose strength which causes intermittent failures to lock. This will require purchasing new actuators, opening the doors and replacing the actuators. This can easily be done by someone of moderate mechanical skill however be aware that the old actuators may be riveted in place.


Answer by  helper3692 (100)

The intermittent door lock failure could be due to possible on-board computer failure. You can have someone check your cars computer with a scaner.


Answer by  Chris28 (34)

Possible short in wiring to door lock module, or master switch, or bad ground. Trace wiring back to module, check all vehicle grounds.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

The main reason to happen this is failure of actuator due to cross it's age and capacity. Another one reason may be failure on on-board computer or door lock module.


Answer by  georidescom (93)

this could be caused by a faulty door ajar sensor switch or a low battery on the keyless entry remote. Also problems with the body control model computer could be the cause, ask the dealer for the newest firmware. Possibly a bad car battery could be the problem.


Answer by  alexacalhoun (17)

When this occurs you either need to replace the fuse or take it to the dealer and have the solenoids and actuators replaced. You can use your valet key to access your vehicle if the key fob stops working as well. Worse case scenario you may have a short circuit that needs tracked down by the dealer.


Answer by  Steven (309)

It is because the locking motor that controls the entire vehicle has become warn down and will require replacing. It will only get worse.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

This is a tricky question. Start by checking the obvious and perhaps even consult your dealership or local automotive shop/expert. It sounds like your battery is low or needs servicing.


Answer by  Bryan (77)

First check your fuse box, then if someone tried to lift up on the handle as you where unlocking can do that as well.

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