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Question by  callie13ly (109)

Who was the latest Project Runway winner?

I love that show but missed the last few episodes.


Answer by  quinn52 (7)

Seth Aaron Henderson won season 7 of project runway, it was quite an exciting season with one person leaving at the final 5 stage!


Answer by  janeb (71)

Seth Aaron was the most recent Project Runway winner. The other two finalists were Mila and Emilio. Faith Hill was a guest judge. Even though Emilio's flowing green dress wowed the judges, Seth Aaron was crowned the winner. He was a favorite with viewers as well as the Project Runway judges.


Answer by  Adelle (277)

That last winner of Heidi Klum's Project Runway was Seth Aaron Henderson who won on April 22, 2010. It came down between him and Emilio, and it was strongly suspected that Emilio would win because Heidi wore a dress that won the red carpet challenge to "The Back-Up Plan" premiere the day before the finale aired.


Answer by  Danie86 (294)

The latest Project Runway winner was Seth Aaron Henderson during season 7 on April 22,2010. This season returned to New York City. Other castmembers of this season included Amy Sarabi, Emillio Sosa, Jonathan Joseph Peters and many others.

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