Question by  aggiebones (37)

Who was the first to be drafted in the 2006 NFL draft?

There is a bet riding on this.


Answer by  Matt88 (104)

The first selection of the NFL Draft in 2006 was Mario Williams, a defensive end from North Carolina State University. The second pick was Reggie Bush, running back, selected by the New Orleans Saints from USC. Vince Young, the natinal championship quarterback from Texas was selected third by the Tennessee Titans.


Answer by  Melanie (51)

There were 32 people drafted in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft. The first team with the draft pick was the Houston Texans. They drafted a defensive end from North Carolina state Mario Williams. He was drafted ahead of the future stars Reggie Bush, Deangelo Williams,


Answer by  JBailey (26)

Mario Williams defensive end from NC State was selected by the Texans over who many believed was going to be Vince Young.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

In 2006, the Houston Texans surprised everyone by selecting Mario Williams, defensive end, from North Carolina State, ahead of Reggie Bush, running back from USC who went to New Orleans, who many thought would go #1.

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