Question by  simona5 (37)

Who makes Radio Shack remote controls?

I was wondering how they compare to other brands.


Answer by  mrtn (119)

The distribution company for Radio Shack is based out of Fort Worth Texas, but the remote controls are manufactured by several companies in China and then shipped to the United States. One of the companies Radio Shack gets it product from is Tandy Corporation, there are many other companies that Radio Shack uses to make there products.


Answer by  Jonhickman23 (30)

In my experience, Radio Shack remote controls have been very comparable to name brands of the same varieties and costs. Also, Radio Shack makes their own products in overseas factories.


Answer by  Glueman (106)

Radio Shack happens to have there own company that makes there controllers and remote controls and that company is called Radio Shack but there controllers are low quality.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

Manufactured by several companies out of China and shipped over here. Tandy company is one of the main remote companies Radio Shack uses.Plus the make their own over seas also. The prices range from cheap to expensive.

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