Question by  Botany101 (18)

Who is the Domino's celebrity endorser?

I have seen a new celebrity endorser for Domino's and have no idea who it is.


Answer by  CrissCross (7)

The celebrity endorser for Domino's pizza is not just one person, but are several. They consist of comic Leslie Nielson, Benjamin Salisbury, actor on "The Nanny", Calvert DeForest, and billionaire Donald Trump who has been the man behind Miss Universe competitions. These celebrities are all either actors or television personalities.


Answer by  lee63 (51)

You may have noticed a series of new Domino's Pizza commercials with a recurring but unfamiliar face. In an apparent effort to save on celebrity endorsement costs and connect with the consumer, Domino's has chosen CEO David Brandon as the new marketing face of the Domino's brand.


Answer by  3edad (219)

Domino's Pizza recently began using members from MTV's reality show Jersey Shore to promote it's pizzas. After viewing the first episode of Jersey Shore's new season, the pizza chain decided to pull the ads before viewers started complaining. A Domino's spokesman stated that, " the content wasn't in keeping with what we are all about".

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