Question by  tkoelzer (59)

Which do you prefer, Dominos or Papa John's pizza?


Answer by  Cathy65 (652)

I prefer Papa John's pizza. Papa John's cheese and dough is better; and their pizzas come with garlic sauce and a jalapeno pepper.


Answer by  diva (168)

I like Dominos much better than Papa Johns. I like the thin crust and the bacon cheeseburger pizza they have. Also, I like their wings!!


Answer by  Melissa72 (167)

I prefer Papa John's Pizza over Dominos because the sauce tastes better. Pizza from Papa John's always tastes much more fresh than pizza from other places.


Answer by  YahoooSearch20 (28)

I prefer Papa John's Pizza.It is really delicious.Taste is excellet compare to Dominos.I think Dominos need to improve a lot.


Answer by  Danie (993)

I prefer the pizza from Papa John's. Dominos pizza tends to be very oily and not very tasty overall.


Answer by  AdamG (137)

Papa John's didn't strike me as better, but Domino's isn't the most fabulous either. Stick with the locals. It's my first rule of restaurants: go with the independent restaurant whenever you can.

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