Question by  andreshc (13)

What is brand personality?


Answer by  MelisaV (5)

It's an association between a human personality traits or characteristics to a brand; it is nothing but the personification of a brand, resulting of all the consumer's experiences with the brand and who is unique and long lasting.


Answer by  MILLENNIUM (89)

Brand personality is something about a product that differentiates it from other brands in the same category. For example, Kleenes had created their own brand personality.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

"Brand personality" is the manner in which the fundamental core values and characteristics of a particular brand are described and/or experienced as human personality traits. A brand might be perceived as friendly, cutting edge, fun, intelligent, etc. "Brand personality" is about how the consumer and the brand relate in terms of emotion and identity.


Answer by  mediamaven (579)

It is generally the name recognition of a particular "branded" product or service, such as "cola", which makes most people think of "Coca-Cola" or "Pepsi". Where in the example of "pizza", most responses would include "Domino's", "Papa John's", or "Pizza Hut."


Answer by  HiHoJoe (43)

Brand personality is what sets one brand apart from another. For example, Great Value Frosted Flakes are set apart from Kellogg's Frosted Flakes because of its low pricing--its brand personality.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Brand personality is the description of the brand as if it were a person. For example, Chuck E Cheese's mouse is "fun, cool, hip".


Answer by  Marie (778)

A brand personality is the identity of your company as conveyed by its marketing and the way in which it conducts business. Elements that can convey your brand personality include your logo, colors and design, tone of your advertisements, and customer service.

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