Question by  marc60 (8)

Who has won the most medals ever in the Olympics?


Answer by  guenth2929hotmailcom (50)

Micheal Phelps has won the most olympic medals at one of the Olympic games with eight gold medals. However, the most total olympic medals is held by Larissa Semyonovna Latynina, a Soviet gymnast. She has a total of 18 medals.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

The Soviet gymnast, Lanissa Latynina, has won the most Olympic medals at 188. Michael Phelps, from the United States, is the winner of the most GOLD medals, with 14. For countries, athletes from the United States of America are first, with 2514 medals in all. The Soviet Union is far behind in second for countries, with 1204.


Answer by  anish34 (12)

micheal phelps of USA as won most medals in olympics. He has participated in swimming and won medals. He is planning for a good record in future. He has participated in different types of swimming like free style, butterfly, backstroke, 100m, 200m, 4*100m relay, 4*200m relay, medley relay etc. He has potential to complete and create a world record.


Answer by  Willis (14)

The United States of America has won the most all time Olympic medals with a total of 2511 medals. The breakdown has the U. S. A. winning 2295 medals at the Summer Games, and 216 medals at the Winter Games. The total includes 1007 Gold medals, 809 Silver medals and 695 Silver medals.

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