Question by  Betsyboo5 (48)

Where were the 1988 Winter Olympics?

Who won the most medals?


Answer by  SystemOwner (137)

The 1988 Winter Olympics was held in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. The winter sport event is officially known as the 15th Olympic Winter Games. The Soviet Union won the most medals with a total of twenty nine. The medal count is as follows 11 Gold, 9 Silver and 9 Bronze


Answer by  bri11 (171)

The 1988 Winter Olympics were held in Calgary, Canada. Dutch speed skater Yvonne van Gennip won three gold medals. Katarina Witt, an East German figure skater, repeated by taking her second gold medal in the event.


Answer by  palaeologus (564)

The 1988 Winter Olympic Games were held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; at those games, the former Soviet Union claimed both the most medals overall (29) and gold medals (11).


Answer by  rxbandit1987 (244)

The XV Olympic Winter Games were held in Calgary,Alberta,Canada. They were opened by the 23rd Governor General of Canada,Jeanne Sauve. As a country the Soviet Union won the most medals with 29 total.

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