Question by  blondieone (12)

Who has won the most medals ever in the Olympics?

I thought it was Michael Phelps, but I'm not sure.


Answer by  glennm12345 (140)

If you are asking about who has won the most medals, regardless of standing, it would be Larissa Latynina. She was a former Russian-Ukranian gymnast who has won a total of 18 medals - 9 golds, 5 silvers and 4 bronzes.


Answer by  klm123 (40)

For men Michael Phelps of the USA would be the correct answer with 16 medals for swimming. The person who has won the most medals is a woman named Larissa Semyonovna Latynina of Russia with a total of 18 medals. She has nine gold medals, five silver and four bronze for Gymnastics.


Answer by  Dottie (51)

While Michael Phelps does hold the record for most gold medals earned, he is not the overall highest medal holder. Larissa Latynina, of the Soviet Union holds the record for most medals won, counting nine gold, five silver, and four bronze, which gives her a total of 18 medals ever won in the Olympics.


Answer by  michaelbowers (57)

in the 1956,60,and 64 olympics larissa latynina. won a total of 9 gold 5 silver and 4 bronze. it should be noted that she won 3 gold medals in 3 combined exercise. giving the native of what was then called the ussr a grand total of 18. which i think will hold for sometime.


Answer by  Mary07 (199)

The answer is gymnast Larissa Latynina. She has won 18 medals. Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer has won 16 medals.


Answer by  Jeek (28)

Michael Phelps has won the most medals ever in the Olympics. He became overcame the other person in first place at the last summer olympics in whic he won all of his events.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Michael Phelps holds the record for the most medals in a single Olympics with 8, but Larissa Latynina from the USSR has the most ever with 18 between 1956-1964


Answer by  Spase (19)

Hello!!!I am Vasilij!!!I think like you!!!I think that Michael Phelps has won the most medals!!!But, from the countries I am not sure I think USA Russia and ex Jugoslavija!!!Well that is all from me!!! Goodbye!!!

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