Question by  Erph (22)

Who do I write with an idea for Nike marketing?

I have a great idea I know they will love.


Answer by  Faylinn (58)

Find a business address for them and address to "marketing dept". Just look on their site for a postal address. Most big companies already have in-house copywriters or outsource to copywriting agencies though. If you think your idea is that good, maybe consider training as a copywriter.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

Write to the CEO or Customer Care. Make sure you put it in writing and make your idea very clear They will probably respond reasonably quickly. You may see your new idea in the marketplace some time soon.


Answer by  swill128 (5)

I suggest you write to the President of Nike of America's Marketing division. If you want to be heard, you have to go to the top!

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