Question by  baxlash (49)

What is the current Nike marketing strategy?

I don't hear "Just do it" anymore.


Answer by  LeonMMA (496)

i think that they don't need a strategy because their stuff are selling very good even without a certain strategy . "Just do it" were just 3 words ... nobody would buy a nike product just because of that words ... they have quality stuff , shoes , shirts , and much much more things


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Nike's company tagline is still "Just do it"; I doubt they will ever actually change that since it has become so prevalent in pop culture and everyone is familiar with it. However, I think their current strategy has become pairing with other companies more often.


Answer by  sylorge (49)

Nike's marketing strategy: they post their products, through online and exports it around the world, which helps Nike company make more popular and the customers are attract to the product.

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