Question by  grammy (1)

Which is more resistant to cat urine: cork or bamboo

I want to get new flooring that cat urine can't ruin.


Answer by  StuperDan (14)

Neither. Both would be equally damaged pet urine. All wood products water resistance is based on natural oils or added waxes to the wood. Any very acidic liquid, like cat urine will strip the moisture protection from the product and it will swell. Vinyl is a better option.


Answer by  Kia99 (128)

Neither is ideal, but bamboo floors can be sealed which reduces damage. Cat urine can ruin the finish on unsealed bamboo floors because it is so acidic. If you can get it professionally sealed (supplied that way) it will help. Cork floors can retain the smell and may soak the substance up, even if covered.


Answer by  TMNT (120)

I would think bamboo because it is antibacterial, and as far as I know, cork absorbs scent. Just think of when you take it out of a wine bottle.


Answer by  Homepro6885 (192)

You want to get vinyl flooring or something that is solid any type of wood, tile with grout, Carpet, cat urine will ruin over time.

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