Question by  raghu (15)

Which is better a thinset mixed with latex or a modified thinset?

I need to know the best thinset to use, modified or mixed?


Answer by  tommy20 (17)

As a plumber and remodeler, I always use modified thinset for tiling. It provides a stronger bond than latex and dries much quicker. In addition, should you have a less than stable wall or sub-floor, modified thinset will resist wall or floor shifting and allow for strong grout lines.


Answer by  jack209 (23)

The modified thin set gives a better bonding of mixture than the latex and it is very easy to use as it dries much faster and you get the same mix every time. The plus point of these sets is that it doesn't freeze no matter who uses. So I'll recommend for the modified thin set.


Answer by  seflrdnckgrl (6)

The modified thinset in my opinion is a better mixture it is much easier to use. This doesn't have as sticky of a consistancy & won't freeze.


Answer by  John532465 (5)

I prefer the modifieds over the latex adds, but only for personal convenience I think. The water adds I think are easier to handle for long periods of time and offer a longer potlife.


Answer by  Mike2725 (20)

I believe they are equaly good. Thinset is easiest to use, but modified thinset will tend to be more consistent and last longer.


Answer by  tiffanyjenkins (26)

Polymer modified thin set an Summitville's modified thin set. modified thin set is better because it doesnt freeze. even on the tv show kitchen innovations they prefer modified thin set


Answer by  CW11 (29)

Mixing it with latex under most circumstances give's it more pliability, and helps to prevent cracks in the joints of the tile, so yes latex is the better product.

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