Question by  kingofalldinos (30)

Which dreams can be interpreted as death?

What symbols show death?


Answer by  crisduarte (363)

Im not sure if you can actually interpret death through dreams. I've never had that experience or know of anyone that has. I guess some possible symbols would be falling, seeing oneself through a dream, dreaming a tragedy that has occured to self or someone else.I guess further research is needed to answer this question.


Answer by  Shakira33 (23)

Dreams that one dreams while in a grave site or a cementery site can be at times be interpreted as death. Or those dreams that when compared to myths and believes they are of death. e.g in some communities when one dreams eating lots of meat its beleved that someone from that family musT die.


Answer by  Luka (48)

I have been told that death dreams are when you dream that someone is getting married. My mother and gardnmother have told me this that is why if you dream of this tell someone, so it will not come true.

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