Question by  matt11 (23)

Which cancers take years to develop?


Answer by  CleoHathor (81)

Most cancers take years to develop because they start with minor mutations to the cells. When these damaged cells are damaged again (occasionally due to chemical or other environmental exposures), they have a greater potential to become cancer. Once the cancer cells have formed, they can take years to grow large enough to be detected.


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

The slowest growing cancer is skin cancer specifically Basal cell carcinoma, it takes years to grow, and can if left treated develop into Melanoma cancer which is much more serious.


Answer by  dialfoust (220)

All cancers take many years to develop. I suggest if you really want to learn about the development of cancers you view the film Healing Cancer. It is very informative.


Answer by  Bubba49 (177)

Many cancers take years to develop. Remember that cancer grows from one or a few cells at its onset. Cells are so small that it takes many growth generations to become apparent.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

One cancer that comes to mind is asbestis related mesothelioma. This cancer can take as long as forty years or even longer to develop.


Answer by  Edfire (120)

Depending on the cancer anywhere from a few months to many years. Cancer is a spontaneous mutation in a cell in which a cell does not stop multiplying.

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