Question by  harietta (37)

Where should I start to solve well pump problems?

What should I check first on my pump?


Answer by  smoothedge69 (56)

The thing to check, if your pump is having problems is the electric connections. There must be power to the pump motor. If there is power to the pump motor, you can check continuity withing the motor using a voltmeter. If there is no voltage at the motor, but there is power to it, than the motor is shot.


Answer by  AmosPressley (95)

The first thing to check is power. Use a multimeter and verify you have the required voltage. This will usually be 220 volts. Black wire to ground is 110, Red wire to ground is 110. If both are good, check your pressure switch for voltage going in and voltage going out to the pump.


Answer by  jkc (258)

A well pump should have a float switch which tracks the level of the water, this controls the water level and controls the pump operation. check its operating the pump properly


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Make sure the breaker isn't tripped. If the breaker is tripped, you should call an electrician to test the motor. The only other servicable part is the inlet screen.


Answer by  xomoney (104)

You should listen to the pump to see if its at all even still active. alot of times pump start to malfuntion even though the are made to be under wet conditions. then you should check to see if the hose is receiving clean drainage. A blocked hose could malfuntion your pump by overflow.


Answer by  les59 (852)

A good plumbing contractor is the best place to start. There are two different types of well pumps. Jet pumps which go under a house and submersible pumps which go down in the well. The plumbing contractor should be made aware of which you have.

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