Question by  mohamedimran (13)

Where is the worlds largest zoo?

I need information on the worlds largest zoo, how big it is etc.


Answer by  ghidorah (172)

It is in Berlin, Germany and is called Zoologischer Garten Berlin. It is an 86-acre zoo which currently houses 14,000 animals.


Answer by  echurch (393)

The Berlin zoo in Germany is the worlds largest zoo.It is called Zoologischer Garten Berlin.The reason the Berlin zoo is considered the largest zoo is because it has 14000 animals.It has 1,500 different species.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Surprisingly, the world's largest zoo is found in Canada in Toronto Ontario. It is perhaps the largest one in the world well atleast according to the records books it in. It is also about 700 acres long. So thus, it is a great zoo and it has many animals as well.


Answer by  martine (860)

The largest zoo in the world and quite possibly the united states is the San Diego Zoo. They have one of the largest collections of endangered species!


Answer by  Europeantraintraveler (6)

In terms of different number of species present in the zoo. The worlds largest zoo is in Berlin the capital of Germany. The zoo is called Zoologischer Garten Berlin. It was first opened in 1844. The 35-ha (86-acre) site houses 14,000 animals from 1,500 different species ranging from bears to penguins. The zoo recieves 2.6 million visitors per year.


Answer by  maryb (95)

As of 2008 the Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in the world. This zoo is over 700 acres and has over 5000 animals


Answer by  hobbsjeff (5)

The world's largest zoo is in Berlin Germany. The zoo has over 14000 different animals. It is much larger than the largest zoo in the US.

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