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Question by  Junebugbetty (23)

Is October a good time to visit Disney World?

I don't want to deal with large crowds and I want good weather.


Answer by  bigreddog (83)

I lived in the Orlando area for several years and I found October to be an excellent time to go to Disney World. The weather is still very warm without being overbearing but the crowds have thinned somewhat due to school being in session. You'll still have some crowds, but much less overall.


Answer by  Jenny88 (59)

October is a relatively good time to visit Disney World. It used to be one of the least crowded months, but has steadily gained visitors over the last few years. The lowest crowds are found in early December and Early January. Be sure to steer clear of all holidays, including Columbus Day weekend. Weather in October will be very nice.


Answer by  rubytadpole (119)

Of course! It's not an official break time for students so the crowds will be smaller, and weather should be in the 70s.


Answer by  noonespecial (235)

The best time to visit Disney in order to avoid crowds is the summer time, as this is when the fewest tourists are in Florida due to the hot and humid weather. October isn't the worst, but it's also not the best.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

It's a pretty decent time to go. They have really cool Halloween displays (especially in the Haunted House) that time of year. The best time to go is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Remember that it doesn't get all that cold in Florida, so you shouldn't worry too much about their winter weather.


Answer by  maber (1427)

It is still somewhat hot in October and crowed. The best time to go is in early Jan and Feb.


Answer by  brabdon26 (54)

Yes, October is a good time to visit Disney World.

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