Question by  jgreene (13)

Where is the heater core in a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville and how do you access it?


Answer by  Samhane (703)

The heater core is behind the radido and ac uni up agaisnt the fire wall. This is not something you will just want to remove without documentation. I would recommend an specific car manual that will detail the complete process.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The heater core is going to be right behind your dash in the middle. The best way to get to it is to pull the dash out of the way and then you will be able to get to the core itself.


Answer by  MarkGress (479)

Pull both front seats out of the vehicle. The heater core is above the hump under the dash right in the middle. Remove the bolts in the plastic housing that you can see. Then, remove a couple more on the lower housing and where the firewall meet. You will have to pull back the carpet to access the other bolts.


Answer by  hrmjay (21)

Some models have it in the engine bay, some have it under the dashboard either behind the glove compartment or the dashboard centre console. Access by removing the dasboard.

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