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Question by  tardis (42)

Where is the headlight switch o a 1990 Grand Prix?

I need to work on my headlights on my Grand Prix.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

On newer vehicles, the headlight switch is usually mounted on the dash panel. You may need to take the dash panel apart. Unbolt, unscrew, and install new.


Answer by  ReZoN (94)

On the newer models the headlight switch is mounted under the dashboard panel. You would have to take it apart, unscrew the bolts work with it then put it all back together. Its a pretty simple procedure, make sure you have all the necessary tools and remember what component went where.


Answer by  94maro (20)

There should be a circular switch to the left of the steering wheel. Turn this knob two positions and the headlights should be on. Do this same process in reverse to turn them off.


Answer by  bakev (15)

the headlight swicht in a 1990 grand prix is on the left side of the steering weel ,its a litle buton


Answer by  sathish123 (2147483647)

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