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Question by  worker5466 (23)

Where is the evaporator core located in a Dodge Intrepid?


Answer by  BrianBB (30)

The evaporator core is located on the passenger side of the car behind the glove box. Is is right next to the heater core. Both these components share the same housing. You should be able to access it from the easiest point which is from above the vechicle on the passenger side.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the evaporator core is what the air in the AC passes through to cool it. It should be located in the dash mounted to the blower assembly.


Answer by  loveulouis (176)

When your facing car left rear near fire wall,your looking for a silver canister with aluimum tubes going to it. If your removing it you must drain all freon, and after you replace it. you have to vacum out the system, to put new freon in


Answer by  Jaggers (1018)

Don't let anyone tell you that Detroit car designers don't have a sense of humor. The Intrepid evaporator core is located in the spare tire compartment and it resembles the jack. The way to find out which is which is to touch one. If your skin blisters that's the jack.

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