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Question by  jgbndaudio (20)

What could the the cause of my 99 Dodge Intrepid stalling when I decelerate?

My car has started to stall when I let off the gas, can you tell me what could be causing this?


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

You could have a problem in your vacuum hose, so your throttle could be sticking open while the rest of your engine is expecting less fuel. Also the spark plugs.


Answer by  Simpledettish (5)

There is a selinoid sensor on the back side of engine connected to a metal tube line from the exaust follow the tube on the back left to the device unplug the wire from the device and this will stop the car from stalling on deceleration...


Answer by  Ubutler (24)

Your car could be experiencing fuel injector trouble. A simple cleaner such as Berrymans B12 can help you decide if this is the problem.


Answer by  edbeale (40)

It's probably the GSR intake valve. Too much air is getting into the engine. This happened with our 95 Concorde


Answer by  minoty (27)

this happened to me once, i had to first change the air filter and oil filter, i would also check the temperature gauge i had that checked as well and needed to replace the thermometer. These things stop that from happening with my car. Its always the little things that cause the biggest problems


Answer by  Amanda94 (40)

1. your transmission is about to die on the side of the road somewhere or your fuel pump and pan is broken. Repairs should be the 200 dollar range.

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